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Shopfitters in Bromley

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Shopfitters Bromley

Getting customers into your high street store these days is a tough task. But almost just as tough is keeping them in there long enough to buy something once they’ve walked through the door. Time is a valuable commodity, and most customers will walk out if they don’t immediately find what they’re looking for, or if they don’t like the shop’s aesthetic.

Shopfitting can help with both of these problems. By setting up and fitting your shop in Bromley to a carefully made design, you can make it easier for staff and customers to navigate while portraying your brand’s image.

Electrical Masters LTD can help with this. We have the experience, resources, and skills to create a space that your customers and staff will love, making it hard for other shopfitters Bromley to compete.

If you want to find out how we do this, get in touch with us today to get a free quote.

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Electrical masters

What Do Shopfitters Do?

Shopfitting is the process of building and installing all of the fixtures that commercial spaces such as restaurants and shops need. The project has a whole range of tasks, from initial planning and designing to selecting the fabrics and colour to the constructing and installation of cupboards, shelves, counters, and display units, as well as any other fittings and fixtures a commercial space will need to run effectively.

On top of that, a shopfitter will take control of the whole project of getting the space ready for use. They’ll organise (and, if necessary, contract in) decorators, glaziers, and any other tradespeople whose expertise will be needed.

Bespoke shopfitters London

What is the Shopfitting Process?

Shopfitting is a process that starts well before construction on fittings and fixtures begins.

The first step is always a survey of the space. This survey will give the shopfitter an idea of the size and shape of the space that they’ll be working with.

Next, the shopfitter will create a design for the space. They’ll plan what goes where with the aim of making the shop as functional as possible for both staff and customers, all the while keeping your brand image in mind. They’ll also consider things such as lighting and temperature control, which will affect both the aesthetic and the functionality of the space.

Once the design has been approved, the shopfitter will get to work overseeing the project, which will include constructing and installing fittings and furniture, while also managing any other contractors that are working on site. If you’re planning on hiring a shopfitter, it’s best to get them onboard as early on in the process as you can.

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Why Do I Need a Shopfitter?

This is a question that many people will ask when setting up their commercial space, but one that can be quickly answered by highlighting the benefits of hiring a shopfitter. Aside from saving yourself the time and energy of doing it yourself, you can hire a professional to do it, providing you with:

  • A design that reflects your brand and image

  • A stylish and fashionable aesthetic

  • A space that’s interesting and attractive to customers

  • A more functional space, making it easy to navigate and work in

It’s for these reasons that it’s recommended that you hire a shopfitter wherever possible. Unless you’ve got experience in interior design, you’ll be unlikely to achieve the same results as you’d get with a professional.

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Shopfitting joinery is the task of designing, assembling, and installing of the fixtures in the commercial space. Examples of the fixtures will be cupboards, shelves, and counters.


The price will vary depending on each project, but you can expect to pay anywhere between £50 per square foot for a lower spec shopfitting, up to £160 for a high spec fitting. To find out how much a particular shop fitter charges, get in touch and ask for a quote.


Yes, you can. However, unless you’ve got experience with interior design, you’ll unlikely get the same level of results. You’ll also have to spend time and money getting the correct measurements, safety equipment, and fittings installed.

Bespoke shopfitters London
Electrical masters

Experienced in Every Aspect

Electrical Masters LTD has experience in a wide range of services, which allows us to provide all of our customers with:

  • A wide portfolio of services – we can handle much of the work ourselves, without having to bring in many additional contractors

  • A great customer service – we pride ourselves on meeting all of our customer’s needs, offering a service tailored to your individual circumstances and needs.

  • A wealth of experience – we have over 30 years of experience in all manner of services, enabling us to take on even the most complicated of jobs.

  • A personal touch – despite our resources and ability to take on larger projects, we take pride in getting to know our customers and their needs, so we can best help you.

If you’re considering a shopfitting in Bromley, get in touch today to get a free quote.

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Our Company offers a full portfolio of electrical services to the retail, commercial, industrial and residential sectors – from design to installation.


We have built a professional, strong and dynamic team of highly skilled engineers who have been trained to give you the best service possible.

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